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Certified Project Management Expert (CPME), Professional Project Management Expert (PPME) & Program Project Management Expert (PGPME)

The CPME & CPM is the project management credential of choice for numerous industries and companies. The CPME, PPME & PGPME certification involves a rigorous, examination-based process that represents the highest caliber in professional standards. To be eligible for the CPME, PPME & PGPME certification, you must first meet specific education and experience requirements and agree to adhere to a code of professional conduct. The final step in becoming a CPME, PPME & PGPME is passing a multiple-choice examination designed to objectively assess and measure your project management knowledge.

Course, Workshops & Seminars Description
CPME, PPME & PGPME Certification Preparation Seminar

The goals of this seminar are to help participants to: Understand the individual ingredients of CPME, PPME & PGPME Certification Process; Prepare for its certification exam based on the revised format; and learn & practice skills, concepts, techniques and tools that will help them successfully manage projects.

Project Risk Management Professional Certification (CPME, PPME & PGPME)

This course introduces modern techniques for risk, audit, and control projects. An overview of project management techniques is covered as a refresher for the attendees. Particular emphasis is given to the methodology of the risk, audit, and control throughout the life cycle of a project. The course main objectives are to enable participants to:

  • Explain the Principles of a project life cycle
  • Understand the project best practice
  • Understand the project management maturity
  • Undertake Project Risk Analysis
  • Setup Project Control Structures
  • Report on the Status of a Project
  • Audit a Project
Value Management Advanced Seminar

This special 3-day workshop will explore methodologies and techniques that help you improve your business. It will also introduce innovative ideas to enhance your performance. Attending this seminar will definitely help you change the way you think and the way you do business permanently and forever.

This workshop will also help you in reducing unnecessary costs which exist in the construction industry because of many factors such as lack of information, lack of ideas, temporary circumstances, honest but wrong beliefs, habits and attitudes, changes in owner requirements, lack of communications and coordination, and outdated standards and specifications .

Managing Multiple Project

Upon completion of this course participant will have a practical understanding of the concepts of project management. This course will cover the project management framework per the generally accepted guidelines documented in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide); published by the Certified Project Management Expert (CPME) , Professional Program Management Expert (PPME) & Program Professional Management Expert (PGPME). Throughout this course, participants will be able to practice the acquired knowledge in the areas of planning, scheduling, progress measurement, performance management, and forecasting.

  • Create Projects Using Project Templates
  • Build Coding Structures (Project, Resources, Activity Codes)
  • Use and benefit from Function Analysis
  • Scientifically compare and choose between alternatives using QBS
  • Integrate VE within the design process
  • Integrate VE with TQM
  • Develop a systematic approach to avoid unnecessary cost
  • Develop an effective team
  • Enhance the professional relationship with clients and customers
  • Identify similarities and differences between VE and other techniques
People Management Skills For Project Managers

Project Management provides the organizations with the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to plan and execute projects in time and within budget. In today's world, organizations focus on higher productivity on every aspect of their business by employing highly skilled Project Managers to run the show.

Today's project manager faces multiple issues beyond juggling scope, schedule and cost. Every area of project management is constrained with one or more human element. The project manager has to cope up with variety of conflicts every day. A good majority of project failures, if analyzed carefully, would lead into the failure to recognize, prevent and address one or more human issues. However, many of these would be superficially looking like other issues, and project managers try to address them without identifying the exact human issue behind it.

Human side is many a time little appreciated as potentially disastrous cause for project failure. This seminar will give opportunities to the participants for doing a self-assessment based on the knowledge gained from it. Project Managers and Project Team Members will get useful tips for a win-win situation for all stakeholders on any project. Participant's experiences will also be shared within the group for effective understanding of the concepts discussed during the seminar.

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Gulf PMC is the most comprehensive consortium in the Gulf to validate knowledge and skills in various areas of Project Management. The credential sets me apart from the rest and has helped advance my career exponentially.

Huwaidah Shukriyah Antoun
PMC Scheduling Professional


Becoming Gulf PMC Certified has given me a new level of confidence in managing my projects and my teams. It has also been good for business as many of our government customers now look for certified professionals to lead their projects.

Shahin Seif Naifeh
Professional Project Management Expert