Continuing Certificate Program (CCP)

If you let your certification expire after its one-year cycle, you have to reapply for the certification and pass the exam and evaluations again, in order to use the designation again after your name. The Continuing Certificate Program (CCP) is designed to help you maintain your hard-earned Gulf PMC certification without going through all the hassle all over again.

The Continuing Certificate Program (CCP) ensures the project managers have the tools evolving project demands. The program promotes consistent professional development among the project management community. By maintaining your certification, you’re not only gaining access to tools, knowledge and career advancement, you also support the project management profession and its practice.

Why maintain your Gulf PMC Certification?

Maintaining your Gulf PMC certification will:

  • Increase your project success
  • Provide you access to knowledge and tools
  • Validate your competence and knowledge
  • Improve your professional status
  • Help you with promotions and job offers
  • Fulfil employer requirements

How to maintain your certification through CCP?

Gulf PMC's Continuing Certificate Program (CCP) promotes consistent professional development among the project management community. While your certification is nearing the end of its validity, you can take some simple steps to maintain it for another year and avoid the hassle of reapplying for the certification.

The way to retain your valued Gulf PMC certification, you are required to provide us proof of your consistent career development in the shape of Professional Advancement Points (PAPs). Professional Advancement Points track the career development and continuing education of Gulf PMC certification holders. They are used to quantify approved learning and professional service activities. You must earn and report the required number of PAPs during your one-year certification cycle to maintain active status.

Apply to maintain your Gulf PMC certification today!

Your valued Gulf PMC certification expires after its one-year validation cycle. Once the certification expires, the holders are required to go through the entire reapplication and evaluation process. To maintain your Gulf PMC certification, join our Continuing Certificate Program (CCP) today and report your Professional Advancement Points (PAPs).

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