Explore Professional Advancement Points (PAPs)

For all Gulf PMC certifications, you are required to adhere to the Continuing Certificate Program (CCP), which support ongoing professional development through education and giving back to the profession. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to earn professional advancement points (PAPs) toward maintaining your credential(s).

While courses and seminars are ideal ways to stay up-to-date with project management best practices, many other activities occurring in your daily professional life may count toward PAPs, too.

What are Professional Advancement Points (PAPs)?

Professional Advancement Points track the career development and continuing education of PMC certification holders. They are used to quantify approved learning and professional service activities. You must earn and report the required number of PAPs during your three-year certification cycle to maintain active status.

Types of Professional Advancement Points (PAPs)?

There are many activities that you may be engaged in now that would qualify for PAPs. For example, you can earn 7 to 15 PAPs per the yearly certification cycle for qualifying work experience. These include everyday job activities. All activities must be related to project and/or program management, or the specialty area of your certification in order to qualify for PAPs.

Ways to earn Professional Advancement Points (PAPs)?

Take some time as soon as you get your credential to map out where and how to earn PAPs. Here are some ideas:

  • Take a course
  • Attend a seminar
  • Participate in company-sponsored training
  • Get involved with your PMC chapter and participate in communities of practice activities.
  • Take an e-learning course
  • Volunteer for a charity or community organization
  • Present or speak at a conference
  • Write articles for peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed publications

Self directed learning is another way to earn PAPs.
These activities include but are not limited to:

  • Reading project management books or related materials
  • Watching relevant videos or using interactive CD-ROMs
  • Conducting interviews with subject-matter experts to learn about other roles and project management, or
  • Being formally mentored by a senior or more experienced project manager

How to claim Professional Advancement Points (PAPs)?

You must report all PAPs before the end of your yearly cycle to maintain an active certification status. Consult your certification handbook for all documentation requirements. Once you have earned and reported the required amount of PAPs for your certification, you will need to complete the certification renewal process.

For more information on how you can earn PAPs, please call us at: 1-866-879-1096 or click here to chat with our support staff.

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